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Your vision
our hands

Shardik unites software engineers with wide set of skills and passions.
We always find the best way to combine them as a team.

Slava K.

Slava К.

Developer and Software Architect, Founder.

Slava has a great way in huge and solid projects.
Java, Hibernate and Spring became his expertise.

He successfully managed a 30 developers team. And he knows what the hell it is.

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Ivan T.

Ivan T.

Polyglot Developer, Founder.

Ivan is an incredible self-learner with strong analytical skills. 
He believes a language is a tool behind business needs rather than a solo driver. 

He masters Java, Python, ElasticSearch, and microservices like a pro.

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Dmitri F.

Dmitri F.

Java Developer, Financial master.

Dmitri has reach experience in a business word.
CFO, CTO is the past. The passioned developer in the present. 
Strong financial and business backgrounds make Dmitri a unique professional on the market. 

He can code your app and improve your business.

Alex B.

Alex B.

Architect, Developer, and Curious Mind.

Alex says it doesn't matter how many frameworks do you know.
Figure out how things actually work.
And you find a solution for any challenge.

He knows Spring like the back of his hand.


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