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Welcome to Shardik Multiverse.
Developers notes.
HowTo articles.
Live stories.

code shardik

Code Shardik

Code Shardik universe. It’s what we do every day. Here is all about code which went through our fingertips: tips, code samples, solutions.

hardcode shardik

Hard Code Shardik

This universe mirrors the Code Shardik. It’s more tangle, the deeper one. There are hard cases, complicated tasks, and unexpected haсks solutions. They drive you crazy, take you sleep away. We solved them. Just find out how.

DevOps shardik

DevOps Shardik

DevOps Shardik will be happy to share with your results of long deployment nights. Builds. Pipelines. Clouds. Servers. And red eyes. Everything is in DevOps Shardik.

Story shardik

Story Shardik

Good live story is a main thing here. Everyday developers life, business ups and downs, experience in words. You always find something interesting in Story universe to read on the road, before sleep, or even in a bathroom. Because every place is good for a good story.

Catchall shardik

Catchall Shardik

Flea blog universe. Catch all Shardik never misses what other skipped. Any story with a hard define theme you can find here. This makes them even more interesting.

Money shardik

Money Shardik

Be rich or die trying. Or at least manage well what you have. Shardik Money universe is a place where financial and technologies worlds are met.

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