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Written by
Slava K.

Story Shardik

Meet the Shardik team

Our journey from the very beginning

This is the story about the people behind Shardik. A story about the core values we praise at work, our attitude, and personal careers.


Slava Kruglov

I’m Slava - a software developer and co-founder of the Shardik team. My career mostly has been in large software institutions.

I participated in significant and complex projects with many people and teams involved. So I went through all the pitfalls one might meet in a similar setup: communication issues, huge codebase, and unexpected production failures that affect a nation-wide audience.

Now I know how to deal with all that. ;)


Ivan Timoshenko

My close friend and the team co-founder Ivan was up to a different path. He worked in small teams and startups.

Ivan knows first hand the importance of delivering new features as soon as possible. He always keeps focusing on the user experience. He experienced long periods of hard work, making sure the product was thriving and considered that the best working environment possible.

The beginning

Ivan Timoshenko We’ve known each other for more than twenty years already.

So when we decided to do business together, that was an attractive choice for both of us. However, the decision was uneasy. We used to work on regular jobs with stable income and had no idea what the next steps could be. After hours of arguments and discussions, we made up our minds. We left our jobs, bought brand new laptops, and went to the open market.

First steps

Ivan Timoshenko Every step was new for us despite our rich previous experience as developers. The only guiding principle was to be open, frank, and positive. We learned quickly and kept the feedback loop anytime possible. That brought the benefits quite fast, and one by one, we on-boarded several great projects.

Right choice

No doubt, the decision to work together was one of the best in our professional lives. The new challenges and their variety speeded up our learning tremendously.

From the very first day, we jumped on Python and successfully completed the project. We automated cloud deployment and managed to keep the thing up and running. And all that less than a month.

We were so impressed by the new work experience that we keep up to it since then.

Do more

Ivan Timoshenko Our desire to do more and take actions helped us many times on the way. Of course, it directly lead to client benefits. Here is one nice example we’re proud of.


We on-boarded a project that suffered from quality and performance issues. The end-users were unsatisfied with the state. The project was unprofitable. The client hired us as a last try before closing the project entirely. They didn’t expect what came next. :)

Quality first

Dmitrii Fomichev We started with quality. Of course, first of all, we needed to catch up with the business logic. So we brought a big sheet of paper to the office and started drawing. We drew all the use-cases and background processes until the project became clear.

While we were doing that, we found multiple logical flaws. So soon, they were successfully fixed together with the new features. The customer didn’t report a single bug on their acceptance tests. The quality matter was solved.

The fast

Next in the list was the performance. We wanted to keep the high level we set up already. Dmitrii Fomichev So to make sure we could fix the issues and show the customer the process and the result, we decided to buy a professional profiler. We invested our own money to get it. The bottlenecks were found, fixed, and delivered. Also, we provided a knowledge sharing session where we explained the improvement and the fix process.

Success story

We’re proud of the work done. The end-users are happy; the customer is satisfied; the project runs, thrives and is profitable. That’s precisely the point that drives us to run the business!

That’s also a reason why we don’t scale up rapidly. We want to keep the highest quality and, in our opinion, that is only possible by a small squad of dedicated developers.


Dmitrii Fomichev

Dmitri is exactly an example of a dedicated developer. He was the CFO and the CEO of one of the largest online travel agencies in Russia. Dmitri decided to switch his career completely. He knew what he wanted to achieve and has become a great software engineer. We gladly provided our teaching skills and support to on-board him in the team. It went well, and this is another thing we’re proud of.


We’re remote, and so is our team. We have a net of awesome developers to solve any task our clients might have. They are carefully vetted to suit with our own work attitude.

Thank you

We are grateful to all the clients we had the honor to work with. Our main goal is to build fruitful relationships. And we do this by constant improvements and providing excellent service.

We’re looking forward to new adventures! Drop us a line if you feel that your project is a good fit for us. :)


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