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The projects.

Project #43215*

Business: Digital bureaucracy enterprise platform, Europe.

Key features: Automated processes, flexible data structure, search functionality, AWS deployment, multi-languages, multi-modularity.

Key contributions: Performance update (x3 improvement for some requests, complicated SOAP integration).

Key technologies: Java8, Spring, Hibernate, MSSQL, MySQL, Camunda (BPMN), Node.JS, Python, AWS

Project #61322*

Business: Advertising platform, USA.

Key features: Data collecting, data pre-processing, powerful search, UI ready API, automated processes, reports, AWS deployment.

Key contributions: Integration with many different data sources, data collecting and processing pipelines, microservices architecture.

Key technologies: Java11, AWS, Elasticsearch, PostgresSQL, SpringBoot, Microservices, Python, Camunda (BPMN), Hibernate.

Project #06078*

Business: Exchange platform, Europe.

Key features: Flexible exchange platform for enterprise equipment.

Key contributions: Architecture the app with micro services approach, development from the ground, building deployment pipelines on AWS, integrations, team management.

Key technologies: Java11, SpringBoot, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Microservices, AWS deployment.

Project #06079*

Business: Exchange platform, Asia.

Key features: Flexible exchange platform for enterprise equipment.

Key contributions: Building buying/selling pipelines from the BE and FE sides.

Key technologies: Java8, AngularJS, Hibernate, SpringBoot, PostgreSQL.

Project #13332*

Business: Transport system BE platform, Europe.

Key features: High load, high requirements for sustainability.

Key contributions: Team management, production support, DB concurrency and bottlenecks.

Key technologies: Java8, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, SOAP, REST, IBM MQ.

Project #30917*

Business: Online documents editor, UK.

Key features: Real time updates, revisions control, text search, export/import in different formats.

Key contributions: Models structure handling, API building, integration tests, export/import documents.

Key technologies: Java, Kotlin, Elasticsearch, PostgresSQL, SpringBoot, Microservices, Hibernate, Docx4j.

Project #49612*

Business: Online shop, USA.

Key features: Online shop with custom BE, integrated with providers’ API.

Key contributions: Sync data with OracleDB, flexible user-friendly search.

Key technologies: Java9, Python, Node.js, Elasticsearch, OracleDB.

Project #62102*

Business: Email client web-app, Europe.

Key features: Integration with SOAP API, UI, stability.

Key contributions: Secret keys management, performance improvements, UI ready API building, high-load processing.

Key technologies: Java8, SpringBoot, Hibernate, MSSQL, Azure, JMS, SOAP, ArtemisMQ.

Project #97625*

Business: Document converting app, Europe.

Key features: Converting documents from DOCX to custom structure.

Key contributions: Implementation from the ground, develop ways to handle different income structure, fit with outcome requirements.

Key technologies: Kotlin, SpringBoot, DOCX4J, Microsoft Word.
* We use alias names for the projects. Data security is important for us.
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